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Firearm Training for Security Professionals

According to law, security professionals may not carry a firearm in the performance of their duties until they have been issued an armed private security or armed private detective license.  There is no temporary provision in the law; even successful completion of this training and certification does not allow them to perform their duties armed.  In addition to this course, they must possess an armed private security guard or armed private detective license before carrying a firearm while working.

Choosing to carry a firearm is a decision not to be taken lightly – either by an individual or by a company.  Knowing this, it is important that security professionals receive the necessary training to safely protect both themselves and the company they represent.

Jeff Evans is a certified firearms instructor with over 14 years of combined experience in the field of law enforcement and security.  As one of only eighty certified firearm instructors in the State of Washington, Jeff educates security professionals on the safe and proper use of a firearm in the course of their work. 

This 32-hour firearms training course is similar to the training police recruits receive and the certification course will meet the Washington State requirements for armed security professionals.  Jeff’s straight forward style of instruction provides students with classroom and range training that is easy to learn, retain and apply to real life situations.

Private, Semi-Private and Group training is available.  Class sizes are limited to a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 10 students with a 1:3 instructor/student ratio.  Students are required to bring the firearm that they will certify with, holster and ammunition.  Targets, eye and ear protection are provided.

This course is a combination of instruction and range training.  Completion of this course does not guarantee a passing grade on the necessary written test or range test to become a licensed armed security professional.

If you have any other questions or would like to schedule training, please feel free to call Jeff at 253-468-4111.
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