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Alternate Shooting Positions

This "return to basics" course is designed to engage law enforcement officers in the thought process involved with shooting from alternative positions they may encounter.  The focus of this course is to ensure, that in any of the below scenarios, an officer can safely and effectively draw their holstered weapon, fire and reload while in a stressful situation. 

The six-hour course consists of:

  • Shooting while Prone
  • Shooting while on Your Back
  • Shooting while Seated
  • Shooting while Seated in Your Vehicle
  • Shooting using Your Vehicle as Cover
  • Using Natural or Man-Made Barriers as Cover
  • Fighting Back to Your Feet and Moving to Cover

It is recommended that officers bring their duty belt with their firearm, three magazines and ammunition.  Clothing appropriate for the weather and range (No tank tops or open toe shoes), eye and ear protection are also required.

Click Here to view the upcoming Class Schedule or for information on Private or Group courses contact Jeff at 253-468-4111.

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